Instructions and Video

NYXOID® is not a substitute for emergency medical care. Call 000 immediately before administering naloxone. Additional doses may be required until emergency medical treatment arrives. Ask your pharmacist at the time of purchase.
Ask your pharmacist - they must decide if this product is right for you

How to use NYXOID® nasal spray


  • The user of NYXOID® nasal spray must always seek medical help immediately by calling an ambulance (000) before using NYXOID®.1 
  • NYXOID® should be administered as quickly as possible to avoid brain damage or death.
  • Each NYXOID® device is a single dose spray. The device should not be tested as it cannot be reused.


Check for signs of overdose


  • Approach with care. Check for dangers, such as injecting materials that might be lying around.
  • Check for a response, to see if the person is conscious.
    • talk loudly into their ear
    • gently shake their shoulders
    • rub their breastbone (sternum)
    • pinch their ear or the bed of their fingernail
  • Clear the mouth and nose of any blockages
  • Check airways and breathing:
    • is the chest moving? 
    • can you hear breathing sounds? 
    • can you feel breath on the cheek?
  • Check other signs of overdose, such as:
    • slow, uneven breathing or no breathing
    • snoring, gasping or gulping
    • blue or purple fingernails or lips


If the ambulance has been called, and opioid overdose is suspected, administer NYXOID® nasal spray:

If no improvement is seen in the patient and the person administering NYXOID® is appropriately trained, CPR (including rescue breathing) can be given as an additional resuscitation measure.1

How to use NYXOID® nasal spray video


The video shows the steps to take when responding to a suspected opioid overdose by providing information on how to recognise symptoms of an opioid overdose and how to give NYXOID® nasal spray.


Any person who may be in a position to administer NYXOID® nasal spray must be instructed in the proper use of the product.

Reference: 1. NYXOID® nasal spray, Product Information, September 2018.