Instructions and Video

How to use NYXOID® nasal spray


  • The user of NYXOID® nasal spray must always seek medical help immediately by calling an ambulance (000) before using NYXOID®.
  • NYXOID® should be administered as quickly as possible to avoid CNS damage or death.
  • Each NYXOID® device is a single dose spray. The device should not be tested as it cannot be reused.

If no improvement is seen in the patient and the person administering NYXOID® is appropriately trained, CPR (including rescue breathing) can be given as an additional resuscitation measure.1

How to use NYXOID® nasal spray video


The video shows the steps to take when responding to a suspected opioid overdose by providing information on how to recognise symptoms of an opioid overdose and how to give NYXOID® nasal spray.


Patients or any other person who may be in a position to administer NYXOID® nasal spray must be instructed in the proper use of the product.

Reference: 1. NYXOID® nasal spray, Product Information, September 2018.